{408} 218-8411 - Stacy Amorim: Manager/Co-Owner

{484} 225-3731 - Travis Amorim: Owner/Head Trainer



My partner has been training with Travis, and I've been training with one of Travis' associates. Neither of us has done any weightlifting or strength training before. Travis is extremely knowledgeable, has a deep understanding on how our muscles are supposed to work, and is in perfect shape himself. We've both noticed great improvement in how we look and feel, and have been expertly guided through the process to avoid injury and maximize results. We have a wide variety of exercises, and he's always introducing new challenges for us. - Robert S.

Bodies by Amorim is a really great gym! Everyone is really welcoming and the trainers are awesome! It is a really comfortable environment to workout at. I train with Benny and he is the best- very knowledgeable and encouraging! I've been working with him for 2 months and already see so much improvement in myself. I'm healthier, motivated, and just happier with myself! With Benny's help, I'm accomplishing weight loss goals, gaining muscle, and starting to live a healthier lifestyle! Thank you Benny! Thank you Bodies By Amorim! - Yolanda A.

I've been training with Travis for almost 4 years and I can't say enough about him and the other trainers at Bodies by Amorim. He is extremely attentive to each individual's needs and health goals. For me, I'm all about going as heavy as possible and he has me lifting at a level I never could have imagined. He's super smart and really knows his stuff. And he's such a fun person to work out with. The gym is great - clean, lots of equipment, good parking and there are only just a few people there at any one time - so no competing to get onto machines or use the free weights. I highly recommend Travis and ther other trainers at Bodies by Amorim regardless of what your fitness goals are. I've met a number of his other clients over the years and he's got a dedicated following of people who can't say enough about him. - Beth S.